The only indoor Self-Storage facility in the Scottish Highlands

Indoor Storage in the Highlands

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Safe, secure, flexible Storage

  • Indoor storage in purpose-designed building
  • Everything will leave just as it arrived, guaranteed
  • Flexible easy in easy out terms
  • Peace of mind with our secure facility
  • Save time and effort with the Store-to-Door option
  • Save time, home loading halves the time and handling of your goods and furniture
  • Access to your furniture and goods as often as you like while in storage
Store to Your door

Save yourself time and money utilising the Storage Nairn "Store to your door" option. This unique system means we can bring the store to your home to load. You benefit from;

  • Save time by loading/unloading at home
  • Save time as you only handle items once
  • Save money on van hire
  • Minimise risk of damage with less handling
  • Work at your own pace making the day easier

The "Store to your door" system is designed with you in mind. Making your move easier, quicker and less stressful. Leaving you free to focus on the important things in your life.

Full Service

Storage Nairn also offer you our "full service" option. We will bring containers to your home and load everything for you, and bring them to your new home when you are ready.

  • Our experienced team will safely load everything from your home
  • With years of experience, we ensure you use minimum storage
  • All your items are fully insured at all times
  • Evertything loaded/unloaded at the same time
  • The quickest and easiest way to get to and from storage

The full service option is available to you when moving to and from the store. Suitable for any size of home and available throughout the Highlands. It is the easiest way to move to and from the store.

Easy terms

Moving is stressful enough without added complications. Thats why at Storage Nairn we ensure that getting into and out of the store is as simple as it can be. Easy in - Easy out -Guaranteed

  • All household storage pricing includes VAT and insurance
  • The containerised system means you only pay for what you need
  • Pay by direct debit, no bills to worry about
  • When you leave storage your payment is adjusted to the nearest week
  • Free access to your stored items as often as you like while they are with us.

There is a one month minimum for storage. We do everything possible to ensure your storage experience is easy and simple. Over 20 years storage experience.


Shipping containers are available for a range of commercial applications. With 24/7 access our quality shipping containers are suitable for use to store large or small items.

  • 24/7 access through security gate to secure compound
  • We accept deliveries on your behalf, saving you time
  • Pay by direct debit, no bills to worry about
  • When you leave storage your payment is adjusted to the nearest week
  • We are happy to accept pallet deliveries for containers, fork-lift on site.

Whether you are looking for storage for excess stock, as a working base, field service operations centre, or as a delivery point, we have a solution for you.